Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Do Happy Endings still exist?

Since always, we dreamed of prince charming coming to kiss us with his white horse and his charming castle waiting for us. We still dream about it at least i know i do. But even though we wish hard it happens all the time at the airport, shopping mall, street, .. we know deep inside that Cinderella and Snow White are just stories to make us cry today. But we kind of still beleive and continue making up stories how one day we are going to meet Orlando Bloom and that he'll let Miranda Kerr 'cause he fell in love with us. That's for sure what Josephine De La Baume (young french actrice still unknown) imagined with Mark Ronson. However, in her case it became real! Yeah, i'm sure. He even exchanged vows with her, several months ago for a fake ceremony (idea of Jennifer Eymere chief editor) for the July-August Jalouse magazine issue. Were present many friends as Jean Charles de Castelbajac, the Virgins, Cory Kennedy and her boyfriend Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons), even Mark's ex's bestfriend Alice Dellal was there. A beautiful fake ceremony that kind of made me remember of all those happy endings and made me hope again of prince charming in his vintage Jaguar.

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