Tuesday, 25 August 2009

"This sweet memories will always be dear to me." M.J

For a start
I've finally decided to change some things in my life starting with my blog. That's why from today, this blog will be partially in english, i will post some of my personnal thoughts.

P.S: I'm not that good at english, so please don't pay attention at my terrible mistakes. You can always correct them while posting a comment here and there :).

Eat them as you use to baby

I always loved chuppa chups. I used to lick them all day long. But at that periode of my life, my mom and maid used to open them for me because of their super sophisticated packaging --'. When they got fad up, i met Skittles my new friend. But once again, i was grabbed away from him because of the war in irak. I searched for him all over Belgrade in Serbia but in vain. And few days ago, i went shopping in Montenegro when i found at the cash desk a box full of Skittles! I couldn't resist to buy the whole box. I will finally get along again with my Skittles remembering all the good times pasted with my friends back in Jeddah.

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