Friday, 28 August 2009

Some days you wake up feeling great, full of freedom and possibility. But you haven't had one of those days in a long time. Maybe never.

Does last days i have done a lot of thinking. It must be because i have been reviewing all of my favourite movies, that make me cry and talked a lot with my childhood friends. I kind of remembered what was really important in life, especially in mine. I realized that all the friends that i had around me, weren't that important to my eyes. Only few of them. The others were just let's say replacement shoes or air bags that i could use only when i needed them. It kind of seems like Queen B. but it's life.. So, the first important thing in my life would be big warm hugs coming from friends that aren't for occasional use. The second thing would probably be the smell of rain. It must be the only reason why i can't wait for automn to come. It makes memelancolique and i just suddenly have the spleen and i start daydreaming. And i love it, even though it makes me cry; "i love the way tears fit my cheek". I'm not emo far from there, it's just.. in fact i don't know why it's like that. Must me adolescence. The third thing would belaughing just after the rain, when the rainbow passes by to say "hello". But the nicest moment to laugh would probably be when a friend textes you while you're in a public place and start laughing around strangers, and when they look at you as you were some kind of freak and you just simply smile at them because you like smiling just to anyone. The fourth thing the most important thing in my life would be chocolate. Ummmm! Yeah, chocolate muffins with "My Suicidal Sweetheart". That are probably the two things that suit the best. I think that it's exactly what i'm gonna do :).

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