Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Hello my friend, i see you're back again.

Long time no post. A lot of things happend since last time, one moth ago. It seems to me like it was years ago! Anyways, i think i'm gonna talk about my life that is sooooo intresting!

After-parties weeks are always hard, i knew that. But i didn't know they were that hard.. I wish someone could get me back in time. During this party, when everything was out of control, but had an end. Whereas now, my life is out of control, and i don't see the end. Killing, questinning, doubting, fighting, loving, laughing, getting scared, but especially getting dodgy. Very very dodgy. Planets aren't at there usual places, and i don't like that! Because of this all, i almost forgot that This is It, is coming out this week-end. Argh, an other very nice thing to think about: Michael Jackson ('s death) and how Prince is trying to replace him, as if no body saw him showing up out of now were at YSL and others show @Paris Fashion Week (to start making publicity for his new album ofc).